Restoration agriculture is a broad term that covers a specific methodical approach to agriculture. Rather than clearing the land in order to impose an unnatural biome of mono-crops, restoration agriculture is a process of observing what the natural space already produces, and then gently collaborating with the biome  to create multi-tiered, symbiotic, and biodiverse edible perennial systems.



Food is meant to be enjoyed, and grown in spaces and methods which benefit the natural world and human health. As much as possible, our food is distributed to those who harvest and care for it, or those who need it most.


Daterra Farms hosts classes on restoration agriculture, sustainability, and spiritual development. We seek to build a community of empowered neighbors who grow their own food confidently and in gentle collaboration with the natural world.


Spiritual Growth

Every aspect of Daterra Farms restoration agriculture is designed to cultivate spaces for people to engage themselves and the Divine. Spiritual growth is a result of engaging with the natural world.